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The following Hall of Famers have supported the FBI  dance community by giving their time and skills unselfishly. 

Hall of Famers (date inducted)

1992    Eddie Jennings (deceased),   Wimpy & Bobbie Sutton
1994    Thelma Lunsford
1995    Bryan & Lucretia Thomas,    Michael Payne
1996    Herschel Maddox (deceased)
1997    Joel Brown (deceased)
1998    Bill & Lee Maddox
1999    Yvonne Allen,  Jim Baker
2000    Tom Hoge
2001    Shirley Baker,  Joe Blanc
2002    Becky Sullivan,  Earl Yeomans

The following FBI members have been inducted into the  National Living Legends of Dance

Wimpy & Bobbie Sutton
Michael Payne
Jim Spencer
Dave Jordan
Thelma Lunsford
Fran Bingley
Marlene Frazier
Bill & Lee Maddox
Ronnie Gardner
Sue Jordan
Joe Blanc

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