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Basic Beach Bop Lesson 2

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Lesson #2, Basic Beach Bop 

The Start or the Closed Position: This is how we start every dance, that's the good news! The bad news is that almost everyone starts differently. We use a variation of the basics to start:

Drop the first one, two...(or say one, two in your head to get going), then actually do three and four, five and six...and then be ready to go with one... (man starts with his left foot, and the woman starts with her right foot). This part of the start uses only four beats of music, an exception to the basics.

Ladies, because almost every man will start differently, all you really have to do is to go with the flow on the start (three and four, five and six, or however the man starts) and be ready to step (one) on your right foot to begin the regular basics.

Once you have executed the four beat start, you get back to the regular six count, but there is a nuance, guys, that you must understand and master before you can go on. Guys, this is important and will hurt you later on in dancing if you do not grasp the concept now...you will need to put the lady in a tuck position on one, two, then put her out with an under arm turn on three and four, then recover on five and six.

The tuck position; On one, guys, your left foot will go back while you lead the lady by slightly pushing her to your right which forces her right foot back. So, on one, the guy will have his left foot back while the lady has her right foot back. On two, guys, you will move your right foot back (Clearing the slot) while at the same time leading her with your right hand into a tuck position (or bringing her in parallel to you in a face to face and shoulder to shoulder position. Actually, her right shoulder will be more turned into you than being parallel). This is a tuck, which is like winding her up in preparation to spin her out in an under arm turn. It is the tuck that gives her the momentum to execute the turn, and later on will give her the momentum to execute double and triple turns. A lot of guys have trouble with the coordination required for this nuance, so have patience. We will spend as much time as required to get this. The Closed Position: After you have started, the start position becomes the closed position and is used often during the dance. Later on we will teach you several different ways out of the start or closed position, but the next step is to learn how to get the woman back into the closed position once you have put her out.

Remember the basic under arm turn? Guys, you lead the woman forward with your hand raised indicating a turn, and she passes under your left arm. Getting her back into the closed position is similar except instead of letting her pass thru, you gently grab her waist with your right arm and pull her back into the closed position.

Ladies, this is of utmost importance for you...When ever you feel the man's right hand go around your waist, you immediately raise your left arm upward and onto the man's right shoulder. The key is to raise your arm straight up so that you do not clip your partner with your elbow. Otherwise this becomes a contact sport! You will now find yourself back in the closed position. Dancing: Now that you know the start or closed position along with the three basic turns (change position, under arm and change hand), you know enough to start dancing with the crowd, and that's exactly what you need to be doing! There is no substitute or shortcut to practicing! Lady Behind Position: This is a variation of the change hand turn from which a new series of turns begin. Right now we just want to teach you this position by itself. Ladies, there is no change for you on this turn, but there is a slight change for the guys. Remember, guys, that you change from the left hand hold to a right hand hold, and you wind up changing places and facing each other. Well, the only difference in the Lady Behind Position is that the guys will wind up facing the same direction as the lady. In other words, guys, after you change hands you do not turn back into the slot to face the lady, you continue to face in the same direction as the lady, and she will be behind you. Return to Facing Your Partner: To get out of the Lady Behind Position, guys, you will take a step to your left (to clear the slot) while leading her forward on one, two. On three and four, the lady will execute a counter-clockwise 180 degree turn, which will return her to a facing the man position, while the guy changes hands back to a left hand holding her right hand, and gets back in the slot. Recap of Lesson #2: The Start or Closed Position into an Under-arm Turn Out: a) The first four beats of music are to get your motor running. We teach the three and four, five and six start, but whatever you do is OK. Just remember that you go thru four beats of music then go into the regular basic count. b) Remember the nuance, guys, the tuck position. On one, the guy's left foot will go back- ward while leading the lady by slightly pushing her to the right which will make her right foot go back to the right. On two, guys, you move your right foot back (clearing the slot) while your right hand brings the lady in parallel to your shoulders. She is now in a tuck, which will give her the momentum to be able to spin out.

The Closed Position: You will be bringing the lady back to the closed position several times during the course of a dance. This is like the under-arm turn except, guys, your right hand will go around her waist, indicating to her that she must raise her left arm up and over to the your shoulder. You then bring her back into a closed position.

Lady Behind Position: This is a variation of the change hand turn where everything is the same except that, guys, instead of returning to the slot facing her, you will remain facing the same way as her, which will put her behind you. To get her out of this position and back into a regular partner facing partner, you simply step out to your left while bringing her past your right shoulder and execute another change hand turn.

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